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The Mythical Pantheon High vol. 3 is finally available!

Did you enjoy reading Pantheon High 1 and 2? Have you wondered what happened to Griffin, son of Hades or Grace, daughter of Tyr and all their friends? Your wait is over! All three volumes of Pantheon High are now available on!

Pantheon High vol. 3. Cover by Steven and Megumi Cummings

It was way back in 2011 that Tokyopop announced it was shutting down its U.S. publishing operations. As a result of the publisher’s difficulties, Pantheon High volume 3 never made it into bookstores. It was briefly available for free via browser on the TP website and for a few months via print on demand. Then nothing.

Because Tokyopop ended its publishing endeavors but never actually closed down or went bankrupt, they retained the rights to many of their original-English-language properties, including Pantheon High. As a result, the third volume was basically consigned to limbo (or some other mythical realm, many of which the kids visit in this book). Over the last few years, fans have emailed me hoping to get a chance to read the third book in the trilogy. Now, thanks to the rise of digital publishing, all three books are available on your computer, tablet or phone via

Here’s the copy I wrote back when the book was first released:

Gimme a T-R-O-U-B-L-E! What’s that spell? Trouble, with a capital T. And that’s what Pantheon High’s got going for it as we head into midterm season. Fortunately our students have been hitting the books extra hard to earn their marks in heroism, and when you throw in an extra-curricular excursion to fine tune their fighting skills, there’s no doubt that Griffin, Grace, Aziza and Yukio are going to get an A+ in saving the world!

Honestly, it’s been a while since I wrote this and I’m looking forward to reading the book again. Here’s what I do remember: there are more mythological gods in this book than in either of the first two, so you’ll get to see many of your favorites in action and learn about some you may never have known. There’s also a series of jaunts from realm to realm, so you’ll get glimpses of some of the coolest worlds from a variety of world mythologies. Plus there’s some kissing. And mind control. Enjoy!

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