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Pantheon High Vol. 2

Get ready, Pantheon High! It’s homecoming season, and that means it’s time for our Fighting Chimeras to whale on Gilgamesh High. Our demigods from Greek, Norse, Egyptian and Japanese mythology are gonna demolish those Mesopotamian, Aztec, Indian, and Pacific pantheon punks. With Yukio’s luck on our side and Aziza El Ra cheerleading, we can’t lose! Let’s win this one for Grace and Griffin, trapped in a journey through the underworld that could mean permanent death. But stay alert–the evil gods have plans for the school, and homecoming is the perfect time for them to strike!

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Here’s what Publishers Weekly had to say about Pantheon High Vol. 1:
Stunning in its ambition, Benjamin’s detailed story imagines all of the characters of the various world mythologies living together in one universe-and sending their children to the same high school in Los Angeles. Sullen Grace is the daughter of Tyr, Norse god of war; reckless Griffin, child of Hades and raised by adopted human parents, flirts with suicide and tries to bribe Charon to take him home; Yukio, son of the Japanese goddess of luck, skirts by on his innate good fortune; and Aziza, daughter of Egyptian sun god Ra, can use her body to generate intense heat. When a group of renegade mythological students puts the rest of the student body to sleep so that they can carry out their plan to ascend to godhood alongside their parents, the four fight back together. There are laughs aplenty throughout the school day, and there is something utterly charming about immortal beings talking fluid 21st-century teenspeak. The intricate and detailed artwork includes tons of clever puns and historical references hidden throughout; a much-needed glossary at the end points out the mythical background of many of the sight gags and references. This is truly a one-of-a-kind work that entertains with intelligence and humor.

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