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Spider-Man Family Vol. 1 Back in Black

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Cover by Marcelo DiChiaro, Written by Paul Benjamin, Sean McKeever, Fred Van Lente, Paul Tobin, Art by Vasilis Lolos, Terrell Bobbett & Gary Martin, Federica Manfredi & Terry Pallot, Kano with David LaFuente, Pierre Alary, Leonard Kirk, Colors by Vasilis Lolos, Bruna Brito, SotoColor’s A. Crossley, Jean Paul Fernandez, Michelle Madsen, Letters by Blambot’s Nate Piekos. Collected covers by Marcelo DiChiaro, Kano, Pierre Alary, Chris Sotomayor

The action begins with a feature-length tale starring Spider-Man’s alien costume and guest-starring the Sandman! Peter Parker would love nothing more than to get a good night’s sleep, but his sleek, symbiotic suit has plans of its own… and no one is gonna get in its way! Next, Venom is back in town, and he’s on a rampage… but it has nothing to do with his vendetta against Spidey? What could be so important that Venom doesn’t have the time to torture his nemesis? Peter Parker is determined to find out, but first he’ll have to match journalistic wits with none other than Eddie Brock! And finally, we’re taking you back in time, when Spidey was pretty new at all this super hero stuff, and would make silly mistakes, like, oh, say… knocking out the Invisible Girl! Plus: backup stories featuring the Lizard and two Scorpions! Collects Spider-Man Family #1-3.

Interested in buying the book? Click here: – Spider-Man Family Digest Vol. 1

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