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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows for Nintendo DS

Available everywhere video games are sold 

The Griptonite Games team has put together a fantastically fun Spider-Man game featuring some writing from your friendly neighborhood… well, me. New York City Has Been Invaded And Only Spider-Man Can Save It. The innovative fighting system allows you to harness the grace, agility and acrobatics of Spider-Man’s Red and Blue Suit, or to leverage the brute, savage power of the Black Suit. Switch suits at any time to create devastating never-before-seen combos and finishing moves. Choose How Spider-Man Fights, Which Powers to Upgrade, Who In the Marvel Universe To Fight With or Against, And The Fate Of New York City Itself. Choose Wisely.
Rated E-10 for everyone

Interested in buying the game? Click here: – Spider-Man: Web of Shadows DS

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