PAUL BENJAMIN: Writer, Editor, Supermodel World Premiere!

Welcome to – the new web page of Paul Benjamin. I’ve streamlined things from my old web presence and added lots of new features. I’ll be posting regular updates both personal and professional here, right on my front page. Where else can you read about awesome new comic book projects and life as a diplomat in Uzbekistan? (Nowhere else on that one in particular, guaranteed!)

Thanks to my new web tools, I’ll be assigning categories to posts and tagging them as well. You’ll be able to target posts that are relevant to your interests. Prospective clients can see review projects I’ve worked on in the past. Travel lovers can read about visits to Thailand, Algeria, Prague, etc. Video game fans can hear about upcoming games like the Marvel Heroes MMO. Gluttons for punishment can learn what it’s like to live in Uzbekistan. Those who want to reach me now that I have a new email address can get in touch through my website’s Contact page.

Now I’ll be able to instantly send out my posts via Twitter and Facebook too. Soon I’ll be writing about my upcoming graphic novel The Girl With No Name. I’ll also finally be launching a page for the supermodel side of my career, so keep an eye out and enjoy my adventures!

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