PAUL BENJAMIN: Writer, Editor, Supermodel

The Protectors

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This illustrated anthology of prose superhero stories takes place in a shared world. My tale revolves around a heist at the Paragon: a superhero-themed casino hovering one hundred stories over Las Vegas. Though the stories and characters come from different authors, they all cross over to create a unified whole that doesn’t exist in most anthology books.

My co-creators on the book cover the gamut of storytelling. There are authors of comics like Pixar/Disney’s The World of Cars, Justice League Unlimited and Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We have novelists and short story writers whose work will be featured in the Rayguns Over Texas sci-fi anthology. We even have a real-life superhero: the Defuser from Stan Lee’s Who Wants to be a Superhero!


Featuring stories by: Paul Benjamin, Alan J. Porter, Bill Williams, Dave Justus, Rick Klaw, Jarrett Crippen, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Alex Gray, Beth Loubet, K.G. Jewell and I. Cummings. Illustrations by Doug Potter, Denis Loubet, Zach Spivey and Manda.

364 PGS.

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