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My latest book: Two Legends of Uzbekistan

My newest book is out… in Uzbekistan! Two Legends of Uzbekistan is a mythology book featuring two well-known legends of the region. Special thanks to my artist collaborators, Husan Sadykov and Shavkat Muzaffar who brought the stories to life with brilliance. Chargé d’affaires Philip Kosnett presented the book during a special ceremony at the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent. The Embassy will gift the book, written in English, Russian and Uzbek, to foreign dignitaries and visiting U.S. officials as a symbol of artistic creation between the people of America and Uzebekistan. For more on the story in English, click the link.

The author and artists gather around a table covered with original artwork images from “Two Legends of Uzbekistan.”

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  1. Bobir says:

    Thank you Paul! Special thanks to Superhero movie series in Tashkent!

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