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Want to write comics? I can teach you how!

I love comics and I’m looking forward to helping folks learn how to make their own. Come join me on Sunday, December 4 at The Writing Barn in Austin for a three-hour tutorial on how to write comics. You’ll learn:

  • How comics get made
  • How comic book writing skills can improve any kind of writing
  • How to write a comic book script (template provided)
  • Hot to find and work with artists
  • How to create (and sell!) a mini-comic
  • How to meet and pitch editors so you can get published

And if a single class isn’t enough for you, I’ll be teaching a more in-depth, six-session course over six weeks starting February 1, 2017! These sessions will be geared towards not just learning the basics, but getting hands-on direction as you craft a story and a pitch.

Comic Book Writing: From First Draft to Final Pitch in Six Weeks

There’s no final deadline to sign up in advance, but once all the seats are filled, classes will be closed to newcomers. Sign up now and let’s make some comics!

(Note: I probably won't be a wearing a Spider-Man costume while I teach... Probably.)

(Note: I probably won’t be a wearing a Spider-Man costume while I teach… Probably.)

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