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(Not so) Wonder Twins

Today one of my friends (not a comic book person) named her favorite super heroes as: The Wonder Twins. I never could stand the Wonder Twins. When I watched the Super Friends cartoon, I knew, even at the age of 9ish, that they were not “real” because they weren’t in the comics. Since they wereContinue Reading

Jim Alexander on Metal Hurlant and an amazing career

I just came across this recent (and awesome) interview with Jim Alexander about his work, including some of the stories he wrote for me when I edited Metal Hurlant for Humanoids. He’s a cool guy and fantastic storyteller. Check it out! Reading

How to be a Project Management Superhero

My 1st blog post is up on the Four Kitchens site. Learn how to be a project management superhero!  Continue Reading

Austin Comic Con is here!

Here’s my Wizard World Austin Comic Con schedule (or “Where is Paul when he’s not selling his books at Table B-47?”) Come see me and meet folks like Stan Lee, William Shatner, stars from Buffy, Serenity/Firefly, WWE and more! SATURDAY 5:00 – 6:00PM HOW TO WRITE COMICS WITH DENNIS O’NEIL, DANNY FINGEROTH AND PAUL BENJAMINContinue Reading

My latest book: Two Legends of Uzbekistan

My newest book is out… in Uzbekistan! Two Legends of Uzbekistan is a mythology book featuring two well-known legends of the region. Special thanks to my artist collaborators, Husan Sadykov and Shavkat Muzaffar who brought the stories to life with brilliance. Chargé d’affaires Philip Kosnett presented the book during a special ceremony at the U.S. Embassy inContinue Reading

The Wolverine Review

Thinking about seeing a movie this weekend? I wrote a review of The Wolverine for Check it out here: Reading

Why You Need Marvel Unlimited (but maybe not right now)

The Marvel Unlimited app is one of the best things to ever happen in comics… when it works.  I’ve had a Marvel Unlimited subscription since 2008, back when it was called “Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited” and was only available for reading on an actual computer. The new app makes for a much more enjoyable readingContinue Reading

Turns Out You Can Go Home Again

Big news! Lisa and I are about to return to the U.S. for good! After almost a year in Washington and nearly two in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, we’re heading home. Being a Foreign Service family has been an incredible experience, but we’ve decided to return to Austin and the private sector. One day I’ll do aContinue Reading

The Protectors

This illustrated anthology of prose superhero stories takes place in a shared world. My tale revolves around a heist at the Paragon: a superhero-themed casino hovering one hundred stories over Las Vegas. Though the stories and characters come from different authors, they all cross over to create a unified whole that doesn’t exist in mostContinue Reading

Kickstarter: The World-Maker

It’s no surprise to my blog readers that I love fantasy games like D&D and video games. When those two things are combined, you can bet I’ll be glued to my monitor with controls at my fingertips. One of the greatest fantasy video games of all time was called Planescape: Torment. I just funded aContinue Reading