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40 Years of D&D

Among my many panels at this year’s (always) fantastic ArmadilloCon literary convention was my 40 Years of D&D panel. The room was packed thanks to the high charisma stats of my fellow panelists (listed in standard marching order): Mark Finn, Marshall Maresca, Barbara Ann Wright, and Patrice Sarath. Mark Finn, friend, author, and Robert E. HowardContinue Reading

Don’t Fear the Reaper (Minis)

I am loving Kickstarter! Two days ago, my ginormous box of Reaper minis arrived. I contributed to the crowdfunded project in August 2012, so I’ve been waiting almost a year for these. Yes, I’m a big gaming geek. By “big,” I mean I got up at 6 AM nearly every Saturday during two years ofContinue Reading