People who see my tagline “Writer, Editor, Supermodel” online sometimes ask me if I’m really a supermodel. When they meet me in person and see my rugged jawline and chiseled physique, they know instantly. I decided it’s finally time to show off some of my work as a supermodel. These images will all be added to my website’s new SUPERMODEL page. Enjoy!

Billboard photo 95267bba6bbb5ab825ae4189ad39ec24_zpsf6ede022.jpg

Billboard campaigns are fun, but it’s weird to see my face up there.

 photo e83b15e2057bd3b805293aae583b519c_zps6e9b2c6d.jpg


Under Where? photo b9bfe9229a048218dbd8202767427de1_zps599bebcd.jpg

Under there!

 photo c9aa620d54c7b81ade2a5eb522e945da_zps108d054f.jpg

I’m not a firefighter, but if it helps our nation’s heroes sell more calendars…

Is it hot in here? photo a4817a0c526b680fe98fe74a6357e464_zpsc795749d.jpg

Is it hot in here or is it just me?


Tyra Banks photo 56c38c78b575b8befe6c5e7daf29d8f6_zps95f12f40.jpg

I remember when a certain show asked me to host…

Top Models photo 55d483b520b66257074d9068471e104c_zpsfd58fb79.jpg

Then some executive at the network decided he had a better idea.

Must Love Dogs photo e4a7d54ac0ba2d6b629da5449380535f_zpsc84f3106.jpg

I don’t let a little thing like species stop me from doing a job. It’s called being a professional.


Surf Dawg photo 40d5edbd0063556086e37eb9f35d95fe_zpsfe7a822d.jpg

Learning to pose while surfing was a real dog!