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The Mythical Pantheon High vol. 3 is finally available!

Did you enjoy reading Pantheon High 1 and 2? Have you wondered what happened to Griffin, son of Hades or Grace, daughter of Tyr and all their friends? Your wait is over! All three volumes of Pantheon High are now available on! It was way back in 2011 that Tokyopop announced it was shuttingContinue Reading

(Not so) Wonder Twins

Today one of my friends (not a comic book person) named her favorite super heroes as: The Wonder Twins. I never could stand the Wonder Twins. When I watched the Super Friends cartoon, I knew, even at the age of 9ish, that they were not “real” because they weren’t in the comics. Since they wereContinue Reading

Jim Alexander on Metal Hurlant and an amazing career

I just came across this recent (and awesome) interview with Jim Alexander about his work, including some of the stories he wrote for me when I edited Metal Hurlant for Humanoids. He’s a cool guy and fantastic storyteller. Check it out! Reading

Austin Comic Con is here!

Here’s my Wizard World Austin Comic Con schedule (or “Where is Paul when he’s not selling his books at Table B-47?”) Come see me and meet folks like Stan Lee, William Shatner, stars from Buffy, Serenity/Firefly, WWE and more! SATURDAY 5:00 – 6:00PM HOW TO WRITE COMICS WITH DENNIS O’NEIL, DANNY FINGEROTH AND PAUL BENJAMINContinue Reading

Why You Need Marvel Unlimited (but maybe not right now)

The Marvel Unlimited app is one of the best things to ever happen in comics… when it works.  I’ve had a Marvel Unlimited subscription since 2008, back when it was called “Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited” and was only available for reading on an actual computer. The new app makes for a much more enjoyable readingContinue Reading

Spider-Man: Two Great Collections

My Spider-Man “Just Another Day” short story has been included in not one, but two Spider-Man collections. SPIDER-MAN: THE FANTASTIC SPIDER-MAN Available in bookstores and on Stories by Dan Slott, Christos Gage, Paul Benjamin, Javier Pulido, Rob Williams, Lee Garbett, and more. The Sinister Six vs. Spider-Man and the FF – and by FF,Continue Reading

Happy 2012 and Flashback 2011: Secretary Clinton

Merry New Year!! Beef Jerky time! If you don’t get that reference, then you haven’t seen Trading Places often enough. Go watch it while the holidays are still fresh. You’ll thank me later. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to what I hope will be an incredible new year and I wish the same for all ofContinue Reading

To Algeria… and Beyond!

It’s been a while since my last entry. To some extent, I think I’ve had a mental block on blogging because I felt my post on the Algerian comics festival should be as big as the show was awesome. I’ve also been busy with writing and editing projects, not to mention my Russian studies. However,Continue Reading

Amazing Spider-Man #661

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #661 Cover by Ed McGuinness & Morry Hollowell (X-Men variant cover by Mario Alberti), Written byPaul Benjamin and Christos Gage, Art by Javier Pulido, Reilly Brown, & Victor Olazaba, Colors by Matt Hollingsworth & John Rauch, Letters by VC’s Joe Caramagna (cover lettering by VC’s Chris Eliopoulous). GUEST STARRING AVENGERS ACADEMY! After his work withContinue Reading

Muppet King Arthur

MUPPET KING ARTHUR Cover by David Petersen, Written by Paul Benjamin and Patrick Storck, Art by James Silvani and Dave Alvarez, Letters by Deron Bennett. Many have sought the Holy Grail, and many have failed. Now the Muppets present some very good reasons why, as they recount the fantastic quest of King Arthur and his Muppets of theContinue Reading