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Thailand That I Love – part 4 – Two Nights in Bangkok

I started writing this post months ago, then dusted it off right after getting back from three weeks in London that was supposed to be one week. Now, before I get to our London trip, I feel the need to finish off my posts on Thailand, given that we returned from there way back atContinue Reading

Thailand That I Love – Part 3

Here we go, yet another post catching up on our recent vacation to Thailand. Things have been slow here in Tashkent since we returned. We’ve just been working and hibernating in the cold weather. It’s threatened to be Spring here with a few sunny days but then Winter resurfaces. It’s snowing in a massive whirlwindContinue Reading

Thailand That I Love – Part 2

Now for more about our trip to Thailand! One day while out walking in our neighborhood, we saw a sign advertising cooking classes. We walked up a side road to the Sunflower Bungalows where we discovered lovely grounds and a class in progress. Cooking in the outdoor kitchen looked like fun and the food smelledContinue Reading

Thailand That I Love – part 1

As I begin writing this first post, I’m sitting on the porch of my beachfront bungalow, looking out at the Indian Ocean, the froth tinged pink with sunset. We didn’t plan to have a beachfront bungalow. Never even made a reservation at one. And yet here I sit. This was my view as I startedContinue Reading

Christmas (Markets) in Vienna & Prague

I’m not actually in Europe over Christmas. I’m actually back in Tashkent where we got up early on Christmas day to do some Christmas Eve Skyping with the Christian side of Lisa’s family plus a surprise bonus Skype with my brother. Christmas day here is just another Sunday in Uzbekistan, but we’re going to haveContinue Reading