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My latest book: Two Legends of Uzbekistan

My newest book is out… in Uzbekistan! Two Legends of Uzbekistan is a mythology book featuring two well-known legends of the region. Special thanks to my artist collaborators, Husan Sadykov and Shavkat Muzaffar who brought the stories to life with brilliance. Chargé d’affaires Philip Kosnett presented the book during a special ceremony at the U.S. Embassy inContinue Reading

Packing Out Is Hard To Do

“Pack out” is part and parcel of the Foreign Service experience in much the same way running into burning buildings is part of being a firefighter. It’s an essential part of the job and it’s never fun. Moving is always a hassle, moving overseas exponentially so. The State Department has been moving people around theContinue Reading

Turns Out You Can Go Home Again

Big news! Lisa and I are about to return to the U.S. for good! After almost a year in Washington and nearly two in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, we’re heading home. Being a Foreign Service family has been an incredible experience, but we’ve decided to return to Austin and the private sector. One day I’ll do aContinue Reading World Premiere!

Welcome to – the new web page of Paul Benjamin. I’ve streamlined things from my old web presence and added lots of new features. I’ll be posting regular updates both personal and professional here, right on my front page. Where else can you read about awesome new comic book projects and life as aContinue Reading

Happy 2012 and Flashback 2011: Secretary Clinton

Merry New Year!! Beef Jerky time! If you don’t get that reference, then you haven’t seen Trading Places often enough. Go watch it while the holidays are still fresh. You’ll thank me later. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to what I hope will be an incredible new year and I wish the same for all ofContinue Reading


t seems I posted that Mega Post about the end of our time in Washington DC a bit too soon. We were supposed to fly to Uzbekistan on Tuesday, August 2nd. Today is Sunday, August 7th and we’re still in DC with no set  departure date. So, what happened? I wish we knew. Our visasContinue Reading


Welcome to the first post in my blog: a place for friends, family, and complete strangers to follow my adventures as a writer, editor, supermodel and world traveler. Great to have you aboard! People have been suggesting for years that I should write a blog. I get that. I have an interesting career. But asContinue Reading