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Jim Alexander on Metal Hurlant and an amazing career

I just came across this recent (and awesome) interview with Jim Alexander about his work, including some of the stories he wrote for me when I edited Metal Hurlant for Humanoids. He’s a cool guy and fantastic storyteller. Check it out! Reading

Metal Hurlant Collection

METAL HURLANT COLLECTION Written by Paul Benjamin, R.A. Jones, Daniel R. Wickline, Jim Alexander, Jim MacDonald, Kurt McClung, Geoff Johns, Rick Spears, Dan Curtis Johnson, Stephane Levallois, Fred Le Berre, David Morvan, Julien Blondel, Stuart Moore, Adrian A. Cruz. Art by Ryan Sook, Mark Vigouroux, Pascal Alixe, Jorge Pereira Lucas, Christian Gossett, Rob G., Matt Cossin, FredContinue Reading