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My latest book: Two Legends of Uzbekistan

My newest book is out… in Uzbekistan! Two Legends of Uzbekistan is a mythology book featuring two well-known legends of the region. Special thanks to my artist collaborators, Husan Sadykov and Shavkat Muzaffar who brought the stories to life with brilliance. Chargé d’affaires Philip Kosnett presented the book during a special ceremony at the U.S. Embassy inContinue Reading

Pantheon High Vol. 1

Welcome to Tokyopop’s Pantheon High! You’re not here because you’re smarter, faster or stronger than other kids. You’re better than other kids because you’re the child of a god and a mortal. As a demigod, you’ll get the best education a child of Greek, Norse, Japanese or Egyptian divinity can receive. Here at our LosContinue Reading