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Halloween, Half a World Away

Just because we’re living on the other side of the planet, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Halloween in style. Every year the embassy puts on a big Halloween party for local and American staff and their families. There are trick-or-treat booths, music, food, a costume contest and a bouncy castle. My own involvement as a volunteer comes with helping organize the haunted house!
Though we have a limited budget and materials (further complicated by the need to wait 3 weeks for anything ordered from the U.S. that might have been forgotten), the folks from the CLO (Community Liaison Office) and local volunteers always come together to put on a great haunted house!
I don’t have many photos since the area is dark and I was busy being scary, but I do have a few. Last year, the storage cage in the warehouse was home to a werewolf.
This year that space housed a mad scientist and his monster (not pictured).
My role last year was as a victim.
Yes, I know that my shoes don’t match. I suppose I was actually a “fashion” victim…
This year, after folks made their way through the graveyard and its zombies…
… they entered a vampire nest. Only Van Helsingberg, Jewish Vampire Hunter, could protect them!
(Once the people got past the vampires, the vamps killed me. I guess I should’ve stuck to writing about monsters instead of fighting them.)
And finally, here’s the winner of the costume contest, our very own Queen of the Nile!
I hope everyone had as great a Halloween 2012 as I did. Next year, I’ll be celebrating it in America!
Hmmm… we never did figure out what happened to my other leg after last year’s haunted house…

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